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ANDDI – Portugal
Rua Prof. Angélica Rodrigues, 46 – Sala 7, 4405-269 Vila Nova de Gaia PORTUGAL

ANDDI – Portugal is a National Association of Sports for Intellectual Development. Is a non-profit institution whose main activity is to promote and organize the practice of competition for national athletes with mental disabilities / Down syndrome and Autistic people to carry out both in Portugal and abroad with the fundamental objective of its full rehabilitation and integration into society.

ANDDI – Portugal was founded on December 4, 1990 and since then has been the National Organism responsible for the development of the practice of sport for people with intellectual disabilities / learning disabilities, according to FPDD – Portuguese Federation of Sports for the Disabled.

Activities that they practice

for Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome and Autistic People

Handball / Athletics / Basketball / Cycling / Futsal / Football / Gymnastics / ParaHockey / Judo / Aquatics / Orientation / Rowing / Table Tennis / ParaVolley
Water Activities / Equestrian Activities / Expressive Activities / Camps / Colonies / Traditional Games / Multi-activities