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What is Latvian Autism Society?
The association was founded in 1996. The encouragement was a 7 years old boy named Jānis who was diagnosed with autism. The boy had a permission to attend the special school a few times per week, but only for a small amount of time.
Jānis was like a inducement for us, adults, to finally realise it is not Jānis that is too “complicated”, but the teachers, school administration, and other experts simply do not know how to work with such a child, that is why there are such limitations.
to advocate and protect the rights of the persons with ASD
to unite resources for advocating and protecting the rights of persons with ASD
to improve public awareness on persons with ASD
to develop and strengthen the national and international relations to protect the rights of persons with ASD
to facilitate establishment of early and appropriate diagnostic system of ASD
to provide support for choosing and implementing early and appropriate therapies
to provide early and professional support for children and their families
to contribute to the education of the specialists
to improve the registration system of persons with ASD ( 288 persons : 2.2 million population)
to continue to inform and educate the society about the people with ASD
to change in service system for families with children and youngsters with ASD
to continue to cooperate with foreign clinics and organizations
to establish