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Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People (GSPAP)
2and Athinas Street, 10551 Athens Greece
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The Greeks Society for Autistic Persons (GSPAP) is a charity organization, founded in 1992 and Today has more than 1000 members, parents and/or siblings of people with autism, and scientists Working on Autism. GSPAP is working for the rights to life of Autistic Persons, that Is persons suffering from the syndrome of autism and other similar conditions in which the autistic Elements prevail and determine the needs of daily life, education, treatment and lifelong protection. As a nationwide Organization, GSPAP has branches in Thessaloniki, loannina, Chios, and Piraeus and has associate members of other associations of parents and caregivers of people With autism in Alexandroupolis, Chania, Larissa, Patras and Athens. GSPAP also participates in E.S.A. me A. and International Organizations, such as Autism Europe and the Word Autism Organization. The actions of GSPAP focus on raising the awareness of the society, supporting the Families of persons with autism and intervening for public service and facilities to be established By the government and local authorities.

Activities that they practice

• Organization of lectures and workshops on Autism training parents and Specialists
• Establish a library for Autism in Greek
• Ensuring through its own struggles, the rights of people with autism in the health-care and education in four Greek State’s Laws and struggle for the implementation of relevant international conventions by the Greek State.
• Foundation of a Residential House of Autistic Persons “ELENI GYRA” for 12 adults with autism in Zitsa loannina and operation with state subsidy
• Foundation and operation of the Day Care Centre for 22 adults with autism “Sirius” in Attiki, with state subsidy
• Study the construction and operation of three other Support Centres for Persons with Autism In the prefectures of Magnesia, Thessaloniki and Attica, With a grant from the European Union