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Inspire believes that everyone has a right to equality and inclusion. Our mission is to try to help everyone with a disability achieve this. We do this by providing individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic and leisure services. We also advocate for inclusion, educate the general public, raise awareness among peers, and hold the […]

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Running Experience incontra Nicola Pintus

Running e autismo. Running Experience incontra Nicola Pintus presidente del Progetto Filippide Running Experience incontra Nicola Pintus, presidente del Progetto Filippide, che racconta l’attività dell’Associazione accanto ai ragazzi autistici. Ancora una volta lo sport si riconferma lo strumento migliore per aiutare coloro che hanno delle disabilità, offrendo opportunità di crescita e di miglioramento…..runningexperience.it

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The SYNAPSIS Foundation’s mission is providing professional help to people with autism and their families and developing systemic changes that improve quality of their lives. OUR CENTRES: THE OUTPATIENT DIAGNOSTIC AND THERAPEUTIC CENTRE The Centre conducts diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for people with autism and training for parents, caregivers, volunteers and professionals. KINDERGARTEN The First […]

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“Autism Baia Mare” Association is a private parents’ organization founded by highly motivated parents in 2008. Our mission: Improving living conditions and social adaptability of children and teenagers with autism in order to improve the quality of life of these children and their families. Our objectives are: – Creating an optimum environment for recovery, education […]

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ANDDI – Portugal Rua Prof. Angélica Rodrigues, 46 – Sala 7, 4405-269 Vila Nova de Gaia PORTUGAL ANDDI – Portugal is a National Association of Sports for Intellectual Development. Is a non-profit institution whose main activity is to promote and organize the practice of competition for national athletes with mental disabilities / Down syndrome and […]

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Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People (GSPAP) 2and Athinas Street, 10551 Athens Greece Type of organization (Parent’s Association, Sportive Association, etc…) (Max 1000 characters, spaces included) The Greeks Society for Autistic Persons (GSPAP) is a charity organization, founded in 1992 and Today has more than 1000 members, parents and/or siblings of people with […]

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